Join as host and have full control over your event

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Set up secret or public events

Be it a living room concert for a closed group of people or a festival with tickets available for everyone, you decide if your event will be secret or public.

Find all you need in one place

Find artists, locations, and guests for your event or workshop within just a few clicks.

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Promote to the right audience

Our platform is all about arts, artists, and art experiences. Reach those people who are truly interested in your projects.

Create an event that fits your needs

Private happenings

Living room concerts, jam sessions, or private film screenings and book readings… Set up an event for you and your friends, or for a limited number of people. Read information about this format and hints on best practices here.


Be it beatboxing, dancing, painting, or deejaying, share your creative and artistic skills with others. Set up an event and tell the people what your workshop is about. You choose if admission is free of charge, donation-based, or whether it involves ticket sales.

Public events

Professionally organized events that among others include live concerts, festivals, and exhibitions. Mostly, these take place in publicly-accessible locations such as clubs, bars, or other event venues and can involve free-, donation-based-, or ticket-bound admission.

Publish your event in 3 steps

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Choose event type

Sign up and click on “create event” to set up an event. Then, choose ‘secret’ or ‘public’ and the featured art genres for your event.

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Describe your event

Tell your audience what they can expect from your event and when and where it will take place.

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Manage attendees

Select and add artists from our network and let your guests know how they can join your event.

Let us support you

Ask our team…

Still having questions or uncertainties? We’re very happy to address them personally. Just drop us a message via WhatsApp, Telegram, or email, or simply call us.

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